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Are you interested in joining T.A.G.?
If so, please scroll down to find out more about T.A.G.
Including how to become a member

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Happy 5th Anniversary T.A.G.!!

Teen Advisory Group

Are you I.T.?
(Interested Teen)

Do you enjoy - Reading, music, movies?

Would you like to help create and host programs
for teens at the library?

Like at our Annual "Not-Quite-Halloween"

and Christmas Events

or RaWR!*
*Readings and Wild Recitations - I, II, III & IV (so far)
our open mic night in April

Or Maybe Some New Events Like

the Studio Ghibli Night

Or Our Craft & Movie Nights (this is from No-Vem-BRRRR)

Would you like to help out

At the Library -----------------At the Friends of the Library Book Sale ------------And in the Community?

Would you like to create a READ poster

o promote literacy?

Would you like to help choose materials the library buys?

Books -- CDs -- Movies

Do you like snacks?

--I wanted to be sure most everyone got at least one yes--
These snacks are Sweet Sushi from our Asia Night

Are you willing give some time every month to the library? speak out and share YOUR opinions? write reviews to put into a newsletter or on this website? participate in a variety of activities for the library,
for the community and for FUN?

-1st Anniversary Meeting-

-2nd Anniversary Meeting-

-3rd Anniversary Meeting-

-4th Anniversary Meeting-

Then you might be who T.A.G. is looking for!

You will need to be:

In high school (or age 13-19)

Interested in sharing opinions on books, music, movies and more - in person and in print

Willing to help think up and act on programming
ideas for teens at the library

Willing to help with other library programs,
activities, and more.

If this seems interesting to you please fill out this
and either e-mail it or print it and bring it to the
Ketchikan Public Library and we will contact you with information
about the next meeting.

We look forward to meeting you!